27 3 / 2014

When I went back to Goodwill the other day, I was sad to see that the bright purple velvet jacket that I was gonna punk up for the Pony group was no longer there. BUT in the process of checking every single purple section in the vain hope that someone had just put it down somewhere else, I found a whole lot of other things!

  • A plum velveteen blazer that actually fits me
  • a pair of super-dark purple corduroy pants with a paisley pattern - and a penchant for picking up lint, I’ve found, which might be why they were donated. But they fit my hips like a glove and I love the feel of them, so it’s well worth the two dollars and having to cart a lint brush around. (Hey guys, remember that pair of purple and fuchsia plaid pants that they had last time we all went to the Oxford store? Those were still there, right next to these pants! Still didn’t fit, but I thought that was funny.)
  • A silky lavender button-up shirt. It’s a little small, now that I try it on again, but I can modify it a little and it should be okay.
  • Suspenders!

SHOES! Shooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss. All of my friends know better than to leave me alone near the shoe section of a given thrift store, because I will buy every pair that fits my weird little feet. But I was alone this time so I had to exercise my own self-restraint. Such a weird feeling.

I went to the shoe section specifically to look for black shoes to act as a base pair for my Ezio boots (since very few pre-made shoes come up over my calves unless they’re specially made, so I end up making my own shoes for costumes a lot). I found them! They’ve got a short heel, and the right toe/tongue shape! They’re even a bit big for me (size 9s), so when I add the interior tongues and the actual boot part, I’ll still have room to get into them. …And chibi!Ezio won’t look like he has teenytiny feets.

The crocheted slippers were just to cute to pass up! They’re actually the same brand as the black shoes. I should look into them more, because most of the pairs that I try on from that brand have decently wide shoes which is nice.

The purple shoes. Those purple shoes. I was just walking by the rack and I happened to look up, and there before my eyes appeared this beautiful left shoe, and I knew I needed them. They’re pretty much brogues with a short hourglass-shaped heel! They’re PLUM! Sure, I had to dig behind the rack for where the right one had fallen, and I didn’t even know they’d fit, but I had to try. I had too. (They fit and they’re wonderfully comfortable!)

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